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Tog must be worn! A very heavy snow at the Forty Foot, Sandycove, Dublin

Wandering around looking for subjects in the snow can be difficult, I strolled into the 40 foot and was so disappointed that these three guys had just finished their swim and were changing.

I asked them would they get back in and was politely told where to go.

Obviously felt awkward photographing them changing and wasn't sure what way to approach this, So I stepped back and decided to get some images of the craziness of these guys changing in a blizzard, It was the combination of the slowish shutter speed of 1/80th second and the wind whipping some of the snowflakes around that add to the painterly quality of this image, Some of the flakes are blurred as they fly by and others are pin sharp and suspended there like magic.

It's one of my most popular images and was a complete chance photo out of nothing.

The sign attracted my more than anything as it used to be a Naked bathing place so kinda funny to see such a sign at all. "Togs must be worn" just think about that !

Togs must be worn! The Forty Foot, Sandycove.


Panoramic Prints are available in the following sizes and maybe purchased framed or unframed as print only. All prints are Titled and Signed.


Inches CM
48 x 16 122 x 40
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18 x 6 46 x 16

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