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Forty foot scary moment


I took this image on the 30-12-2009 during a wild storm when I was feeling very brave and a bit carless.

I was standing up so high that I felt safe enough, However this one wave crashed onto me and almost knocked me off my feet. I was thankfull to have had a housing on my camera as everything else got soaked. I got out of the place immediately after and I would not recommend anyone to try this as it really is very dangerous.

"O Sh!t"


Standard Prints are available in the following sizes and maybe purchased framed or unframed as print only. All prints are Titled and Signed.

Inches CM
12 x 8 30 x 20
12 x 16 30 x 40
16 x 36 40 x 90
24 x 36 60 x 90

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