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Muglins Red, Dalkey Island, Dublin Bay

I love the simplicity of this image and especially the lighting. 

It's lit by the full Moon and this has backlit the islands causing a beautiful silhouette.

If you zoom in or see this image as a large print you can see all the funny shapes of the birds resting on the rocks, Hard to believe as this image is a 15 second exposure using a 200mm lens so the chance of a blurred image are very high.

You know they keep changing the colour of the Beacon, It's Red in this photo but I have others where it's white, Apparently if you are in a boat and navigating white light is safe so you can sail towards it but Red is danger so you sail around until the colour changes....

Muglins Red, Dalkey Island, Dublin Bay


Standard Prints are available in the following sizes and maybe purchased framed or unframed as print only. All prints are Titled and Signed.

Inches CM
12 x 8 30 x 20
12 x 16 30 x 40
16 x 36 40 x 90
24 x 36 60 x 90

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