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Lightning Storm Over Dalkey Isaland, Dublin

Having taken a fantastic image (he says) of Lightning in 1989 on my old Nikon FM2 I was always dying to see if I could do it again. 

It's a very difficult thing to achieve as firstly we hardly ever get lightning here in Ireland and usually when it happens it's pissing rain so you really have very little chance of getting a decent shot of it.


I do a lot of kitesurfing so am always watching the weather and when there is Ligntning forecast I usually have a look at a few apps I have for tracking it in real time and these are fantastic.

On this day 06-06-16 It was a Bank holiday Monday and there was lightning forecast

I had a look at the apps around 9pm and nothing then around 10pm I saw a flash outside, logged into the app and you could see the storm coming up the Irish sea.

I was down in Coliemore harbour within 10 minutes and all set up and got about 20 frames exposed before the rain started. This image was the 3rd one I took that night and I couldn't believe my luck once again.

link to blog piece showing old B&W https://www.terrymcdonagh.com/post/i-waited-27-yrs-for-this

Lightning Storm Over Dalkey Island


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