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Killiney Tea Rooms, Dublin, Ireland. 

This building used to be an old Schoolhouse and I used to go to disco's in it in the late 70's.

was mighty crack and you could see pools of sweat and condensation running down the walls.

I think it's one of the prettiest little photos that I ever took this particular night 21-12-2010.

It's a long exposure of over 20 seconds and when i saw the image on the back of the camera I was absolutely thrilled as it's lit primarily by the streetlights and the Moon is causing the light Blue tones on the right hand side, Truly magical. !!

Killiney Tea Rooms, Killiney Hill, Dublin


Standard Prints are available in the following sizes and maybe purchased framed or unframed as print only. All prints are Titled and Signed.

Inches CM
12 x 8 30 x 20
12 x 16 30 x 40
16 x 36 40 x 90
24 x 36 60 x 90

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